2003-06-12 03:22:05 ET

I don't know how long it's been missing, but I've been stripped of my "I Rock" supporter button. I probably never should of had it in the first place since I just bought a t-shirt. I donated a long time ago but was refunded because of some problem Syko and m0x were having with Paypal. I need to donate again. Maybe I will get a money order today out of my meager funds. But anyway, I want the button back. I may not right as many personal thought here anymore because I keep this journal totally public, but I still love it much more than my lj.

*crosses fingers on unemployment paying out enough to pay the bills, rent, and eat*

2003-06-12 05:25:12 ET

good luck with that nazi institution. they only give me a $100 cause i dont have tits, and i have a spic of a last name.

2003-06-12 14:08:06 ET

I'm behind in the times; when did you stop workin? :(

2003-06-12 15:13:05 ET

last Thursday. wow it's been a week. O.O

2003-06-12 21:12:35 ET

time flies when your having fun?

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