2003-06-12 13:59:19 ET

Weeeee! Playing with fractals again. Iím having fun stumbling through Photoshop. I think this is the most obnoxious background I've made yet. I needed to clean up the image a little but it's too late since I flattened it. Oh well.

2003-06-12 14:08:29 ET

hah, can't get much more obnoxious than tenchi muyo.

2003-06-12 14:20:37 ET

ah but it fits!

2003-06-12 14:34:16 ET

that is pretty obnoxious, but hey, we all have to get our dork on...

2003-06-12 15:08:20 ET

my inner-geek manifests itself...

2003-06-12 18:34:50 ET

I don't find it obnoxious...hmmm, I wonder what that says about me? ;-)

2003-06-12 21:18:31 ET

i should post some regults on my to love them zentraedi...

(wow cant believe i said anything about that)

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