No no mp3s yet.
2003-06-12 22:27:35 ET

I still need help with Nero and Digital Audio Copy. This sucks, the one person that would know exactly how to fix it I can't ask. I got Digital Audio Copy to temporarily recognize Drive F and work long enough to rip two songs. After I switched disks it refused to open the tracks. Then Drive F was not recognized. Nero just refuses to open audio tracks from disk entirely.

2003-06-12 22:30:44 ET

I can probably help you with that.

2003-06-12 22:33:49 ET

that would be nice of you. :)

2003-06-13 06:24:09 ET

computers=death...course digital noise generally gets scoffed i dont feel too dorky lugging 15 pedals to a gig...

2003-06-13 06:51:20 ET

use MUSIC MATCH for ripping mp3's

2003-06-13 10:44:33 ET

Nero and DAC are user friendly, but something's not set up right and i'm having are hard time figuring out what. Devoid help?

2003-06-13 11:00:25 ET

Honestly I'd have to see it first hand to fix it efficiently...mebbe Emily and I can stop by some time this weekend...

2003-06-13 11:07:13 ET

that would be cool. i'd love to have you both over.

2003-06-13 11:26:44 ET

i have Nero and love it for vcds/dvds/rips but for mp3's?

my $ is on MM

2003-06-13 11:43:03 ET

i've been happy with Nero using MP3Pro to encode wav files to mp3. if i remember right i could do it all in Nero (ripping, converting to mp3, etc. ) and leave out the step i do in DAC. right now i would like to get either to work.

2003-06-13 12:28:20 ET

MM =

drop in disc/check mark tracks you want converted((self labeling via net)/ hit start.


burn w./ Nero

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