"I think we should start with a close-up of MY ass."
2003-06-19 02:11:25 ET

But of course I edited out my ass.

2003-06-19 03:38:07 ET

Well why did you go and do a thing like that?
*innocent grin*

2003-06-19 03:54:44 ET


2003-06-19 05:00:50 ET

tease ; (

2003-06-19 05:06:42 ET


2003-06-19 07:11:17 ET

i actually like it without the ass, and more of the hint of the underwear...its a bit more sexy than blatant ass...imo...

2003-06-19 07:44:33 ET

holy crapola, when did you get so yakuza sexy? o.0

2003-06-19 11:42:57 ET

yeah, i got those pics taken and i was like "whoa! my ass!". it's something i don't see very often given that it is behind me. only a very privileged few get to see it.

axo-since i became single. ;)

doll-i agree.

2003-06-19 14:01:28 ET

did u know it's legal to be nekkid on the streets in PDX?!

cops can only site you for 'public disturbance'

2003-06-19 14:38:33 ET

I agree with Doll. It's more fun to leave something to the imagination.

2003-06-19 14:57:17 ET

Asses are nothing but trouble. We all know that.

2003-06-19 15:29:52 ET

and yet...you love them so much. ;)

2003-06-19 15:31:30 ET

You guys do.. don't speak for me.

2003-06-19 15:33:15 ET

oh, sorry, you love assHOLES :D

2003-06-19 15:50:18 ET

Yeah, sure, bring the metaphorical into this physical convo, Axo.

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