Show #5 Playlist
2002-06-13 14:26:15 ET

Implant - Log On/Log Off
HMB - In the Beginning
Psychic TV - Snowflake
cEvin Key - 15th Shade
Kalte Farben - The Innocents
En Esch - Confidence
B-TON-K - Brain Police
Monolith - Matix B
Numb - Closer
Pain Station - T.O.S.
Index - The Model
Cleen - Sunburst
Ritalin - Imago
The Klinik - Moving Hands (tim schult mix)
Black Lung - A High Cabal
Sheep On Drugs - X-Lover
Chris Connelly - July
Bigod 20 - On the Run
Foetus - Decent Into the Inferno
Skinny Puppy - Burnt With Water
yelworC - Crucified West
Architect - Pastgate

Thanks everyone who listened this week. :D
I'm open to requests so send them in!

2002-06-14 18:17:33 ET

I'd like to request AND ONE.

2002-06-14 18:20:58 ET

I don't own any yet. Key word:yet. The two discs at the Ozone were $22 each! I might try prowling e-bay.

2002-06-14 18:22:43 ET

Aaah, buying cheap... the way of Gods.

Speaking of cheap. DTA Records!!! They are selling everything on that site for about six dollars! Six dollars!!!

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