Fruende Am Verzweifeln = Friend of Despair
2003-07-01 21:34:26 ET

The night is too quiet, too empty...

I'm on the radio if anyone cares to listen and my AIM is on if anyone wants to chat: washu73.

2003-07-01 22:04:55 ET


2003-07-01 22:05:34 ET


2003-07-01 22:07:02 ET

you and someone else, i dunno who.

2003-07-01 22:08:13 ET


2003-07-01 22:08:34 ET


2003-07-01 22:38:13 ET

and me.

2003-07-01 22:39:02 ET



2003-07-01 22:39:05 ET

I know where you're coming from.... Things seem too still tonight. It's making me apprehensive and jittery.

2003-07-01 22:41:02 ET

i don't sleep at night right now because i can. started practicing to keep up with all my othe non-working friends.

the rum wasn't working for keeping me calm. O.O

2003-07-01 22:47:08 ET

I went for years living on a night shift schedule. I LERVED it. It really messed up my sleeping patterns though. I have very little grasp of any sense of time.
As there is no real alcohol in the house, I just took a muscle relaxer. There's no way I'm getting to sleep tonight without forcing myself.

2003-07-01 22:51:40 ET

i lost my sense of time long before this schedule. i've always loved staying up all night when i could. sleeping is something my family does all too well.

my nerves are shot tonight. i scraped the pipe...feel better now. :]

2003-07-01 23:10:56 ET

I think I'm going to see if Joe is still up and see if he wants to partake with me. :)

2003-07-02 00:23:18 ET

The worst for me was gettin up at 6:00am taking a shower getting ready for work only to realize that I thought it was 6:00pm and i had 12 more hours to sleep.

I love working grave. No more grave shift for me.

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