2003-07-08 01:30:03 ET

My hair is very blue now thanks to my friend J.Me. Very stiff too due to some type of goop she put in it which she said will be hard to wash out. Time for some new pics if I can find someone to take them.

I worked out my set for this weekend at [flux] I think. I still need to incorporate Foetus into it though. Must...have...Foetus...

2003-07-08 01:31:43 ET

fee fi fo fum, it takes two to tango, takes one to cum!

<3 foetus

2003-07-08 01:33:29 ET

my hair feels like i could break it off each dread right now.

2003-07-08 01:35:54 ET

She put ICE spiker in it

They even make a solvent just for that gel to get it out faster.
you'll have to let is soak a while.

2003-07-08 01:38:11 ET

i use to use that shit, i could go swiming and it wouldnt budge.

its great stuff

2003-07-08 01:39:12 ET

It is the same stuff Cedric uses to prop up his Fat Bob look

2003-07-08 01:46:06 ET

solvent? what have i gotten myself into?

2003-07-08 01:47:37 ET

hair product hell

2003-07-08 01:49:54 ET

i fear that.

2003-07-08 01:51:56 ET

no. ph33r cedric's Fat Bob look.

2003-07-08 01:52:19 ET

don't worry, i do.

2003-07-08 01:52:51 ET


2003-07-08 01:53:31 ET

Just take a bath and let the stuff soak out. I use the same stuff and I wash it with shampoo and it is fine. With your hair it will take longer but it will come out ; )

2003-07-08 02:13:13 ET

I love blue!
question is, *can* you dye your dreads?
if so, that's a whole new world of possibilities :D

2003-07-08 06:57:14 ET


If I was going to do my hair an 'unatural' color((been thinking about doing it alot lately!) I would say blue too! I havent had my hair an 'unatural' color since i was like.....17 y.o. ???

As far as best hair spiker goes...
I say spraypaint via the K-MART's $.99 selection!
That shit RAWKS!

2003-07-08 11:47:39 ET

yes, you can dye dreads. i bleached them first and the dye took just fine.

this is the first time i've done blue. i've never been able to get it to take in the past but then again i don't think i bleached first those other times i tried it.

2003-07-08 12:16:46 ET

ooh! yay!!! you totally made my day

2003-07-08 13:26:02 ET

*does the happy blue hair dance*

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