Hubble Bubble Life is Hard Life is Trouble
2003-07-10 15:01:14 ET

I have been indulging my DR side since late last night. I ripped a lot of Alien Sex Fiend for my mp3 library, got a little Christian Death in there too. All those songs have been loaded into Winamp and been playing continuously. Today was spent when I woke up ripping some songs off of some crappy Cleopatra comps that I intend on getting rid of tonight at Everyday Music before heading over to Nocturnal.

2003-07-10 15:13:28 ET

mmm asf

2003-07-10 17:10:00 ET


I keep meaning to check it...but never do.

2003-07-10 18:28:23 ET

it's pretty low key. good music. you should come out if you are available.

2003-07-10 18:43:50 ET

can't tonite...up at 4am
+ thee munchkin...

someday tho...

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