Adrenalin, I love it!
2003-07-11 19:43:40 ET

I just got home from TJ's fab birthday party. I know I promised not to ride my bike home but I couldn't resist. About Fremont and 7th there was no traffic, so calm...I needed to go fast. It was almost entirely a downhill ride so I made it home in about a half hour. Nice, easy, didn't even break a sweat. And hey, I didn't hit any cars! :-D

2003-07-11 20:11:23 ET

What kind of party ends before 10?

2003-07-11 20:50:19 ET

it was still going when i left. i'm trying to be good + i hate being incapacitated which would have happened if i had stayed.

2003-07-11 20:50:43 ET

I was just giving you shit ;-)

2003-07-11 22:33:37 ET

speeding down the street sounds fun

2003-07-11 23:11:04 ET

I'm glad you made it safe.

Well, if not safe

I'm glad you made it home.

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