2003-07-13 12:51:23 ET

Ugh my head! I had so much fun last night, maybe a little too much judging by the fact that I can't deal with it being bright out. Many, many thanks and hugs to friends that made it out to Flux last night. I had very few dancers but many compliments on what I spun. I think I pulled through fine in spite of the butterflies in my stomach, technical difficulties, and obnoxious people swinging each other around the dance floor (my gratitude to whoever made them stop). I'm sure Burn will have the playlist and possibly some audio posted in the next couple of days.

Sunglasses, Gatorade, a shower, and lunch are the order of the day.

2003-07-13 12:58:46 ET

would have danced, if i had some rhythm...im deffinately not the dancing type, but i liked the stuff you spun...missed the obnoxious people though...
youll get over the butterflies thing. i used to get them all the time, but now i long for the next time i can go up on stage, go ape shit, and make a fool of myself in the process...

2003-07-13 14:19:44 ET

i fucking h8ed those shits!

I ended up grabbing 1 of them by the face and throwing him off of his chair.
They shoulda been 86'ed...

2003-07-13 19:35:25 ET

Those guys were 86ed after the fight.
but only one bartender saw them so let the staff know if you see them again.

I had a good time Cynth, I liked your set and don't worry about the butterflies, they'll go away.

2003-07-15 16:45:57 ET

wow i totally missed all that. what happened?

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