2002-06-30 14:48:50 ET

oh my.

i am sooo sick of losing my voice.

every single fukken night i go out.

now i am at home and i need to look for a ride out to the party.

yet i cannot speak. bah!

any suggestions?

2002-06-30 15:05:31 ET

hahaha, uhh...stop doing whatever it is that makes you lose your voice?

2002-06-30 15:12:13 ET

but that is simply going out and having a few drinks.

i rarely do it.

and if you seen my other posts i sooo cant micc the party this weekend.

ah well i shall try.

2002-06-30 15:13:54 ET

and you must! because it's better to have a life than have nothing. i know that quite well.

you social people make me jealous, dammit.

2002-06-30 15:15:26 ET

oh hunnny.

no no no.

i am the most anti social person ever.

cept for sometimes which is tonight.

2002-06-30 15:17:46 ET

oh, i see...well then i am jealous of your social tonightness, because i have nothing to do. grr.

2002-06-30 17:14:51 ET

drink lots of tea !!

2002-07-01 11:32:22 ET

bring paper and a pen haha

2002-07-01 16:30:46 ET


i actually did.

but some how my voice came back.

yay!......must sleep more.

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