how can you tell your emotional.
2004-05-17 10:43:56 ET

when commercials make you cry.

so tru right?

2004-05-17 10:54:18 ET

I've cried once or twice to commercials.

Which one made you cry?

2004-05-17 11:07:36 ET

certain ones make me cry!
there's this lottery one that makes me cry almost every time i see it, where this guy takes his grandma to the airport to pick up her sister that she hasnt seen in 20 years, and then he tells his grandma to look over and she sees her entire family has come to see her, too... wow. it's intense.

2004-05-17 11:58:18 ET

umm the one where the mom and dad type couple go in his old mustang to the local a&w and he like flases his lights, like the old drive ins, and the dood comes out with a tray, and the wife says, "they still don't do that do they?", and he looks at her and shakes his head no.

and then she gets a hude smile, and says "i still have to be home at 10 you kno".

how fukking sweet and adoreable is that.

i want that someday.

2004-05-17 12:33:33 ET

what commercial was that

2004-05-17 12:48:25 ET

for a& w.

it may only be canadian.

2004-05-17 13:12:06 ET

awwwwwww! i havent seen that one, dayum, i want to now.

2004-05-17 13:45:03 ET

its really good.

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