oh no. i dont kno whut to do?
2004-06-28 20:33:03 ET

my very recent "ex" is back in town and looking for me.

i have just gotten over him.

at least i think i did, until i hear that he is looking for me.

everyone is telling me to go with him againa and how sweet he is and blah blah blah.

if he tracks me down, we shall have to see, i dont have the energy to track him down i have come down with a nasty flu.


2004-06-28 20:36:57 ET

it all depends on what ended the relationship in the first place.

2004-06-28 20:40:16 ET

well it wasn't really a relationship.

its really like primary school bullshit.

but yeh, i did, cuz he turned into a cocky son of a bitch.

but everyone had been making me thinks of how sweet he was.

i dont kno i think we just have to talk, but thats the thing we always have to do and never do, we both need to fucking suck it and swallow our shyness and get it over with.

2004-06-28 20:41:52 ET

why didnt this happen before?

2004-06-28 20:49:16 ET

why didnt what happen before?

the talking and expressing.

i dont kno, he has never had a girlfriend, i have never felt this way about anybody, its all complicated.

2004-06-28 20:49:27 ET

and very cowardly and immature.

2004-06-28 20:50:26 ET

silly HS love.

2004-06-28 20:53:42 ET

i think more junior high.

2004-06-28 20:55:51 ET

i mean't now

2004-06-28 21:03:04 ET



2004-06-28 21:04:36 ET

are you still in Hs?

2004-06-28 21:12:55 ET

oh haha no i am far from it actually.

even tho it seems like i am.

2004-06-28 21:28:27 ET

like i said before.. kick his freaking ho ass to the curb

2004-06-28 22:36:40 ET

well its all up to you.

2004-06-29 01:28:01 ET

if he was a piece of shit then, chances are he's a piece of shit now. People can mascarade all they want as a different person, but eventually who they really are will come through it again, i think it's impossible to change who we really are inside.

but that's just my opinion

2004-06-29 09:09:29 ET

thx a bunch guys.

he may have changed back into his sweet self.

time away from influences can do alot.

but i guess we shall have to see, what we needed was time aparat to put things into perspective, and meybee it has for him.

and thats why he is searching me out.

who knows what will happened, alli kno that is if he ois still a fucking dick.

then nothing will come of it.

Xx <3

2004-06-29 09:10:30 ET

rudiger has a point
once an ass most likely always an ass.

2004-06-29 10:21:41 ET

well see he turned into an ass.

its not him, i think he has some issues, like i dont think he liked anyone before really.

then i came along. i think that he might have had some time to think of whut a dick he was being.

on another note, i have the worst flu ever, and my dad's cousin is being taken off life support today.

so tonnes of family and shit are in town right now. gah so i called into work, and it hink imma go back to bed.

anyone wanna come take care of me?

mom is at the hospital with family, i am all alone. +(

2004-06-29 11:15:41 ET

gladly where are you at?

2004-06-29 11:33:41 ET

lost up north... :(

2004-06-29 11:35:28 ET

We are Here where it says Whitehorse on the top left...in the middle of knowhere...beside Alaska...

2004-06-29 11:38:04 ET

i'm here

2004-06-29 11:38:13 ET

top left.

2004-06-29 11:43:46 ET

its a good site hey?? i know you are...and I am jealous...

2004-06-29 11:44:22 ET

yup. why?

2004-06-29 11:45:47 ET

because...it is so much better there (although i haven't actually been to that part of Mexico...) then it is here in the Yukon...dont get me wrong...the Yukon is a beautiful place to visit...but not to live in...especially if you aren't an old bush wacker...

2004-06-29 11:46:49 ET

i suppose.
your welcome to come.

2004-06-29 12:05:10 ET

bwahahaha sam.

but we kno how to party!!!

i am more partial to places like new york, vanvouver/victoria, toronto, japan, london england.

more upper rainy areas.

2004-06-29 13:09:31 ET

I'm right here right near the coast line kinda area.. close to a city called Los Angeles.. it's kinda kewl there

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