2004-07-28 12:50:39 ET

i am so the last person to be racist , but i wish there was a way for me to say something or express my thoughts without being judged by it.

i mean when ppl say shit about my race i dont care or say anything.

but the second i say anything about another race, i am looked at.

2004-07-28 14:20:57 ET

write it down on a piece of paper and rip it up

2004-07-28 16:14:23 ET

people who go out of there way to be PC all the time piss me off.

2004-07-28 20:36:23 ET

lots of people say stupid things, but its important to remember that race doesn't actually exist. Cultures may be found in groups, but you've got your own genetic code. :)

2004-07-28 21:18:07 ET

yeh i shud get another paper journal.

ppl who do that piss me off too, but i mean i am sick of getting fucking judged and all that shit, i need ot get out of this small town.

yeh i totally agree on the race doesnt exsist part, i belive that too, same as age and sexuality.

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