2004-08-01 15:50:44 ET

the main reason i havent gotten any of the tat's i have ever wanted is cuz i no longer want them.

and i have seen far too many ugly ones.

what do you say to someone who has fucking ugly ass tat's that looks gross and clash.


2004-08-01 17:05:24 ET

you don't say anything. it's their body and their decision.

2004-08-03 15:22:25 ET

Maybe they think that they look beautiful.

2004-08-03 21:15:31 ET

both true.

but sometimes i feel like i have to open my mouth and state my opinion.


2004-08-04 06:59:26 ET

To be honest it would not bother me at all if someone thought my tattoos were ugly, I never got them to impress anyone else.

2004-08-04 10:00:25 ET

yours are damn hawt.

they make me tingly.

2004-08-04 20:24:37 ET

Well then... I'm really weird about them... I hate that people notice them and comment on them because I feel like I'm perfecting myself. It's really hard to explain but I don't like telling people what they mean or why I got them. I will because I don't like being a jerk and all but.. yeah. I know it seems weird but I didn't get them for anyone else.

2004-08-04 21:36:57 ET


but be sure to explain it to hot chicks.


2004-08-04 21:37:45 ET

I explain it to all chicks... they may have hot friends.

2004-08-04 22:18:32 ET


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