2004-08-08 19:23:03 ET

does anyone kno anything of this new hi5 site?

i have gotten many many invitations from friends to join over the past few days.

2004-08-08 21:52:38 ET

i want a high five! thats ulimate sweetnessssssssss..whoa!

2004-08-09 03:39:43 ET

never heard of it.. sorry!

2004-08-12 10:47:28 ET

I keep getting some sms site for free text messages. I've gotten over 15 invites for it and only a few of the invitations are from people I actually know.

2004-08-12 14:58:42 ET


spam most likely.

2004-08-14 15:59:36 ET

i have gotten sms invites.. all from ppl i know.

2004-08-14 17:10:36 ET

what is sms anyways.

sounds familiar.

2004-08-14 20:37:45 ET

It's text messages. I think it stands for short messaging system? Or something like that.

2004-08-14 20:43:44 ET

yes i thought so.

oh how i miss being in the city with my cell.

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