2004-08-15 23:51:03 ET

i need help.

i am getting depressed again i can feel it coming on really strong this time.

i have been crying for like 3 fuckgin godamm weeks.

and i cant afford professional help. what am i suppose to do.

i am so sick of this shiti have had this since a was a pre teen. and i can feel it getting werse over the years. and i really dont want to numb myself with medication. so what is one to do when they cant affored a therapist.

2004-08-16 02:26:02 ET

I know what you mean with not wanting to numb yourself with meds, but they can help. I take them, not quite as often as I should, but I do take them, and whwn I do I can feel a lot better about stuff thats gonig on and I am better.
I just think it's crap to take them, and a lotta the time I don't, but when I do, they help.
You can consider it at least.
For a while I didn't want them... and eventually I just gave in, I was sick of how I felt all the time.
Idk.. there's a lotta ways you cna look at it though

2004-08-16 04:18:38 ET

see i am like that.. i get really depressed a lot of the time. and since i hate the idea of seeing doctors and going on meds. i work out and i eat super healthy veggies and fruits.. when i get sad i go for a run, go shopping anything.. i am here for you if you need me! WE LIVE IN THE SAME COUNTRY.. so we can go shopping together.

2004-08-16 08:01:19 ET

Im like that toooooo. Amazing isnt it pretty lady. When I went on vacation I lost my meds so right now Im just like you are. It sucks I know but it helps to just talk to anyone about it, doesnt need to be a professional to help make you feel better. I agree with browneyedgirl- go shopping. If you dont have a lot of money go thrifting if you wanna buy stuff. Go into expensive stores and try things on and act goofy with a friend. Make something pretty.

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