2004-08-19 12:12:11 ET


1. Do you wear a watch?: not very much anymore.

2. How many coats and jackets do you own?: u seriously want me to count. far too many. i never wear them either.

3. Most expensive item of clothing?: snowboard jacket.


1. Do your friends 'know' you?: some do extremely well. unfortunately, the ones who do are so far away :(

2. What do they tend to be like?: fuck i dunno. what a weird question , how can u define something so big in a sentence.

3. Are there traits in you that are universally liked? how the fuck do i kno ask my friends.

4. How many people do you tell everything?: no one.


1. Favorite band ever?: Sonic Youth

2. Most listened to band?: right now - the epoxies, black dahlia murder, iron maiden, slayer , atmosphere, the red light sting, feezepop.

3. Can you play an instrument?: no i always wanted to play drums and keyboard.

4. Type of music never listened to?: christian ANYTHING, gospel, celtic.


1. Who is the smartest person alive at the moment?: my brother.

2. What do you prefer, a sunny or rainy day?: rainy day always!

3. Do you consider yourself lucky?: perhaps sometimes sure.

4. Choose one word to describe how you feel most often: mellon cholie


1. Do you own any plaid clothing?: one snap up front shirt.
2. Do you own converse shoes?: one pair zero ones and leopard ones.
3. Do you own saucony shoes?: hahaha used too.
4. Do you own old school nikes?: nope.
5. Do you wear tight pants? sometimes.
6. Is there more than one zipper in your pants?: some of them yes.
7. Do you know what a squatter flap is?: double u tee eff mate?
8. Do you own a messenger bag?: A bunch of em.
9. Do you wear your messenger bag across your chest?: yes when i wear it. strap is to long not too.
10. Do you have braces?: i did for 5-6 yrs
12. Do you have short, shaggy hair? nope lpng and straight.
13. Does your hairstyle exceed a height of 3 inches: huh?
14. Would you classify your hair as a deadly weapon?: why yes i most definalty whud.
15. Do you think mohawks are "neat"?: fuck yeh. but overplayed.
16. Is your hair black or red?: black
17. Do you have a favorite brand of hair dye?: special fx.
18. Do you own a bandana?: tonnes.
19. Do you wear plugs in your ears?: tunnels
20. Are you amused by safety pins?: they are great fun.
21. Have you ever used duct tape as a sewing substitute?: no, but i use it for everything else.
22. Do you own one or more objects with studs or spikes?: yes.
23. Do you own one or more articles of clothing from dogpile, lip service, or tiger of London: yes.
24. Do you enjoy leopard print?: omfg. what kind of question is that. IT MY FAV.
25. Are you Disgruntled?: most of the time.
26. Are you an anarchist?: hahahahahaha.
27. Does the American flag anger you?: yes i burn them.
28. Are you "working class"?: i'm working as we speak!
29. Do you dislike "preps"?: hahahahaha
30. Do you dislike Hot Topic?: i've never been there.
31. Do you smoke cigarettes?: when i drink.
32. Do you smoke cloves?: oh gawd GIVE ME SOME PLS.
33. Are you a thin waif?: nope never will be either. but i wish i was.
34. Are you vegan/vegetarian?: no.
35. Do you think meat is murder?: not neccessarily.
38. Have you ever gone a week without a shower?: when i was little probably.
39. Have you ever been avoided due to your odor?: i dont stink.
40. Do you know who Jack Kerouac is?: yeah.
41. Do you like Mr. Kerouac? i haven't actually read anything of his. not even on the road.
42. Are you a member of the makeout club?: whoa i forget about that shizz.
43. Do you say "rad"?: yes but i say wikked more.


1. Name: Ann- Marie
2. Do you like it? sometimes.
3. Nick-names: rain-b0h, rea, annex, annie, annie bibber, bow, rain.
4. Birthday: Septemeber 19 , 80
5. Sign: Virgo
6. Location: Whitehorse, yukon
7. Status: cingular wireless.
8. Crush: Dj
9. Virgin?: hahaha
10. Natural hair color: Black
11. Current hair color: Black
12. Eye color: Dark Brown
15. Height: 5'8"
16. Birthplace: Whitehorse , Yukon
17. Shoe size: 9
18. Ring (ring finger) size: no idea. big.

2004-08-19 12:28:05 ET

burnign flags is always good.

2004-08-20 04:09:48 ET

FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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