2004-08-29 21:13:55 ET

ok its been so hard not to puke even once today.

my tummy hurts so much right now and i have the werst indegistion.

and puking always fixes it.

but i am trying not to doit.

i heard this horror story that if you puke alot you get puffy cheeks or something.

does anyone kno anything about this?

2004-08-30 04:30:49 ET

i've never heard of the puffy cheeks thing.. but i do suggest you puke so you can feel better... i have puffy cheeks and i don't puke a lot.

2004-08-31 09:44:39 ET

Never heard of the puffy cheeks, but I've heard of broken capillaries in your face due to the physical stress of vomiting your guts out. It results in tiny red little dots aaaallllll over your face.

It's true, I've seen it. It's scary.

2004-08-31 14:58:37 ET

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