2004-09-05 18:43:17 ET

so i found 3 beer. yay to dora. who reminded me.

oh and i was just talking to rory and he told me that one of his friends is albino and she has a pure white hair on her private areas.

hahahah wtf.

2004-09-05 18:46:30 ET

that'd be CRAZY

2004-09-05 18:47:02 ET

he is trying to find a pic of it.

fuck i wanna see.

2004-09-05 18:47:37 ET

me 2...


2004-09-05 18:52:06 ET

k i will share if he finds it.

2004-09-05 19:01:32 ET

thats weird, yet awesome.

2004-09-05 19:04:54 ET

< geek >she'd be like storm, from x-men. < /geek >

2004-09-05 19:12:26 ET

lol glad my drunkeness helped someone out <333

2004-09-05 19:32:03 ET

albino pubic hair!!!! ra ra ra !!!

2004-09-05 19:34:32 ET

hes still looking for it.

2004-09-05 19:39:06 ET

hmmm he cant find it.


i will get it someday.

2004-09-06 04:45:02 ET

white pubic hair.. wow..

2004-09-06 10:13:15 ET

Is she on myspace too?? The albino lady?? Lol only rory

2004-09-06 16:28:20 ET

who's the albino on myspace? haha i wanna see!

2004-09-06 21:14:57 ET

yeh she issssssssssssss.

but i dont even kno her really. and i dont think she whud like if i showed her to everyone.

and we were all like LOOK AT TEH ALBINO !%#&$)#+_

2004-09-06 21:32:00 ET

And shouting "SHOW US THE CARPET! SHOW US THE CARPET!" hahahah...

2004-09-06 21:39:37 ET


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