2002-07-12 21:00:00 ET

hours stretch like rubber
time just falls away
and I still get nowhere

blah....i am a zombie. soooo borad. <--- mispelled on purpose.

2002-07-12 22:17:06 ET

awe hehe poor wasted....im soo borad (<----- mispelled on purpose as well) too..hehehehe

2002-07-12 22:20:12 ET

i liek mispelling sumtimez.

2002-07-12 22:20:42 ET

hehe indeed indeed =)

2002-07-12 22:25:54 ET

i feel a fever coming on.

withdrawl sux.

2002-07-12 22:27:20 ET

awe..*hugs* it will be fine...:/

2002-07-12 22:28:24 ET

well my ear piercing is infected again.

and i think its the cause of my pain.

i am on meds tho.

2002-07-12 22:29:07 ET

oh hmmm, *shrugs* i have no idea...but im sorry

2002-07-12 22:33:08 ET

s'ok hun.

i am just blabbing.

2002-07-12 22:33:27 ET

me too, hahaha....

2002-07-12 22:34:02 ET


2002-07-12 22:34:03 ET


2002-07-12 22:34:52 ET

lol *three cheers*...BOOYEA...wow i really have no life, just babbling on in your journal entries...lol

2002-07-12 22:36:01 ET

its ok.

i am happy that we are.

hahaha i have nothing of interst in my entries.

at least i feel kewl with having blabber.


2002-07-12 22:39:21 ET

lol good call

2002-07-12 22:41:31 ET

actually imma go and watch some tv.

have fun mel.

2002-07-12 22:44:27 ET

you too bye !

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