Red Youth Recording?
2004-05-11 16:37:29 ET

So yesterday the whole band including: Matia, Tyler, and Kory. had recorded a song, " Tyler says one of the best ones to date."(something like that). They said they mite need a bass line, but have a synth bass part already. What is going on here. I feel like not apart of the band already, Now I feel like I am getting the boot. I would have liked to have been there, if someone would have called me.I am pissed off man.

2004-05-11 16:39:37 ET

welcome to SK.

2004-05-11 16:40:37 ET


2004-05-11 16:40:49 ET

WELCOME, sorry about the band

2004-05-11 16:46:13 ET

Sorry about the band thing aswell

2004-05-11 17:15:40 ET

ooo what do you guys sound like

me gusta senor bungle mucho

2004-05-11 20:06:03 ET

we sound like early synth pop/ebm/daf'ish stuff.
ar2jr is my friend matia and he could explain more about the band,
thx you guys for being supportive and welcoming me and stuff. i want to meet new friends so this is pretty tight.

2004-05-11 20:06:44 ET

yes bungle is gooood!!!

2004-05-11 21:10:02 ET

thats so fun i love mr bungle fans.. for some reason it seems like anyone i meet that likes them are such individuals.. aw the love

2004-05-11 22:21:16 ET

lol ur pix make me think u r ghey

2004-05-12 08:30:44 ET

Welcome to Sk. And you have an Excellent taste in music!!! So glad you added me.
Miss K

2004-05-12 10:05:56 ET

thx Miss K. you sweet thing you. and u natanal maybe i am ghey as you say. ghey as a fox.

2004-05-12 13:32:13 ET

that's insane. good luck w/ it.

p.s. welcome to sk. :)

2004-05-12 16:25:37 ET

hahah your picture is like your model..

*hello, my name..whiterabbit*
in a sexy spanish accent

2004-05-12 17:17:28 ET

Jackie.. if only you knew.

Lenny, your background picture may be copyrighted. You should check that out before you get the boot.

2004-05-12 17:30:57 ET

i think i should know.. I NEED TO KNOW!

2004-05-12 18:48:47 ET

WELCOME BUDDY SRRY it's OMG! a day late but i hope you'll forgive me and RIGHT ON with the band. i'm sorry about the negative things but bands can be complete fun if you all cooperate togther i love my band even if we sound bad (not that we do). keep it up and hey don't be shy TALK to me whenever you want i'm a cool person or atleast i hope i am.

2004-05-12 19:45:50 ET

Welcome to SK. what anagnorisis said about the copyrighted image background thing.

2004-05-12 20:59:27 ET

Hello all this is Tyler of Red Youth. The lovely Nathanial has allowed me to use his subkultures acount to post. This message is for Lenny: You need not worry or become insecure, we love you. Your in the band... The other night I didn't say we might need a bass line, I said we need you to come and track one because I was not satisfied with the electronic bassline. I also called you before we went to my house, and then talked to you when you called back. I remember asking you to record. You replied that you wanted to go swimming with Dianna and that you would call us back after. By the time you called the recording session was over...Sorry. However it is up to you to participate becuase you are a key member and our bassist. I will try to give you more heads up next time we record because you are a very busy guy. This was very improptu as these things can be.

Your friend and Band mate-

PS. This is Nathaniel. Change your fucking wallpaper or I'll set M0xie on you.

2004-05-13 09:36:48 ET

thx guys and nathan need not to worry i changed the wallpaper to black. i need to check to see about copyrights on that picture. i think i will get robin to draw a picture for me then i will scan it up and have that as my background pic. then i will not be copyrighten, but if any people steal it i will come with the rath of ZOD. it will be my tattoo anyway biatch.

2004-05-31 16:57:55 ET

DAMNN, I am ultra late, but welcome to the wonderful land of sk !! Enjoy your stay :)

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