It is like Eternal Sunshine in my head!
2004-06-02 09:55:33 ET

i havent seen my girlfriend in two days, well 2.5 days. she hasnt called nor e-mailed me at all. i am worried like hell and cant sleep nor eat and my head aches from stress and i feel like vomiting. i need help. i realy dont know what to do. i need a friend to help me out, but all they are saying to me is, " its ok, she will call, DONT WORRY." that is not what i need. i need some to take me away and do something till she calls cuz i am going insane listening to the voice in my head. help me oh christ help me. it feels like she has gone to someone to erase me from her head. hence the title.

2004-06-02 10:39:46 ET

never panic until it's over 3 days... anyone can be busy for 2.
maybe she just wanted a short break, not a break up.

2004-06-02 10:48:22 ET

just curious, have you called her?

2004-06-02 11:57:28 ET

i have tried to call her many times in the last two days.

2004-06-02 13:01:57 ET

I know the feeling...My boy and I have seen each other like 2 times in the past 2 weeks...and I haven't talked to him for a few days... I also feel like im going crazy.... so your not alone...

2004-06-02 14:55:50 ET

good. well not good. she finaly called me and the stress went away and all i want to do is go see her.

2004-06-02 16:04:16 ET

lucky for you ... wish mine would call me !

2004-06-02 18:08:26 ET

Awww. I hate that panicy feeling. Good to hear it all worked out though.

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