im in florida!!
2004-06-26 22:00:28 ET

i am here at a buddhist retreat here in florida. i am having fun meeting new people. i will come back home on monday evening.

2004-06-26 22:06:01 ET

a buddhist retreat. that sounds awsome! how is ( was) it goign?

2004-06-26 22:11:47 ET

it is going fine here. i think this is just what i needed. it is the most relaxing anf most fun thing i have done in a while. i should probably get some sleep since i havent gotten any since i have been here. and i am going to fort laderdale beach tommarrow. so good night.

2004-06-27 00:32:39 ET

Wow...thats sounds interesting. People I know don't do things like that. It good everything thing well.

Happiness is good

2004-06-27 07:48:34 ET

that sounds really cool

2004-06-27 07:57:06 ET

ya man!

2004-06-27 21:03:21 ET


ew. is it hot and muggy?

2004-06-27 21:08:40 ET

yes, well it was earlier but it is 2:07 am here and it is a lot cooler now but muggy still.

2004-06-27 21:21:42 ET

glad to hear your having fun !!

2004-06-27 21:24:05 ET

i hate it. i hate when it rains and its hot rain and doesnt cool you down but makes everything stuffier too.

2004-06-27 21:58:31 ET

yeah it kinda sucks, but it was fun while i was here. i come home tommarrow.

2004-07-01 15:02:16 ET

Whats muggy?

2004-07-01 16:55:06 ET

HU_ MId womeon!

2004-07-01 17:03:51 ET

Oooooh! Thank you

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