going to the doctor!
2004-07-07 01:29:07 ET

i am going to go to the doctor soon for my ankle or whatever it is cuz it hurts like a bitch and i need to get it checked out.

2004-07-08 02:27:56 ET

what happened to it??! i got a bruise on my cheek it used to be swollen same with my knee but i toughened it out since im such a badass..ggrrr! ha!!

2004-07-08 13:07:20 ET

it just really hurts and i still need to go to the doctor, i dont know how it started or how it even came about i just hurts like hell.

2004-07-08 15:02:39 ET

aw poor you. did you not go to the doctor yet?

2004-07-08 15:13:33 ET

not yet i haven't made an apointment.

2004-07-08 15:15:45 ET

DUUUUUUUUUUUUDE! your ankle is gonna fall off! :)

go now and make one?

2004-07-08 15:21:42 ET

i should but it's to late to make one. i woke up to late.

2004-07-08 15:23:01 ET

haha man i woke up at 4 today.. i love this

2004-07-08 15:24:19 ET

it's fun. but i dont get anything done and i feel bad about not going to sleep early.

2004-07-08 15:27:56 ET

hmm i dont do anything but leave to lay on the beach since im a bum.. you live in san francisco!!!!! you know how exciting that is.. im gonna be allowed to go on roadtrips around christmas time.. culd i ever go there and see you and party hardy!?! i love san fran with a passion

2004-07-13 13:30:46 ET

Doctors are for suckers

2004-07-13 15:28:35 ET

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. you got told :)

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