new look!!!
2004-09-23 01:57:01 ET

hey everyone. been gone for a while, but i'm back been buzy with work and sleeping. i am happy are demo will be done soon. me and my friend paul-e are going to start a project. i cant say it will be good and i dont know what it will sound like but i hope it is music. anyway i hope everyone on here is well and i hope to post more in the coming months.

-wHiTe rAbBiT

2004-09-23 06:00:09 ET

.... the reabbit in you avatar has a sporked tounge... I love it

2004-09-23 07:05:02 ET

good to see ya back !

2004-09-23 08:10:33 ET

I hardly ever see you in person anymore, we need to hangout.

2004-09-26 15:34:25 ET


: D

2004-09-27 02:21:25 ET

i missed you more GiRL- "e".

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