2005-07-09 23:17:37 ET

i want to be with someone, but they are at home and i am here alone. i wish the movie werked and we got more time to hang out. i need to find a band to play with, merh.


2005-07-10 06:10:00 ET

you can play with my sweet, sweet super nintendo band. we play only covers of theme songs to super nintendo games.

2005-07-10 10:52:38 ET

only if i can get Jean Baudin to play bass for the Super Mario Bros theme. check it out.

2005-07-12 09:07:09 ET


2005-07-15 08:20:34 ET

i am crazy. i feel like ass though. i can't get her out of my head. i want to be there, but i can't she wants nothing to do with me. i feel like i am in high school all over again and i have NOTHING i can do to change it. i wish i did, or do i? i am uncertain. i want to know what i want out of someone and i wish that they would know what they want out of me.

2005-07-26 04:05:23 ET

why not try focusing on someone or something else.. that way it won't hurt so much...

2005-07-26 15:21:29 ET

i am trying to, but i can't find anyone yet or things that i like to do aren't really fun to do anymore, well kind of. i am painting and playing music and hanging out with good friends. i just miss the feeling of being with someone, someone who is caring and nice and like to sit for hours talking and cuddling. it's not a plee, but just something i want to make me feel better. i will find them or they will find me, but i just need to be comforted and to be held by someone who cares about me like i was.

2005-07-27 16:12:46 ET

thats totally understandable. any good friends you could spend your time with that will take your mind off her.?

2005-07-27 18:19:09 ET

yeah. i guess i can't have crazy sex at werk on the clock with some chick. i wish!

2005-08-10 03:01:44 ET

heh...well unless you are in the porno business...

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