love is dead, yet this is life...
2005-07-26 15:17:17 ET

alone and empty. forlorn and unloved. another day gone and i am just sitting here and trying to move on with life. i started painting today and i think that we will start to play music on thursday. i want the pain to stop. i want to be able to breathe and be able to have fun when i am having fun. i need to find a new girl. a girl who likes Fellini films. and likes long walks. a girl who loves music and/or plays music. a girl that likes to have nice dinners and likes to laugh. one who likes to cuddle and kiss. and hopefully be loved for.


2005-07-26 19:15:27 ET


2005-07-27 00:28:24 ET

mer thx wondergirl. i needed that more than anything. really. :)

2005-07-27 07:51:25 ET

heh,the names Eva....You just seemed like you needed some love'n....i know how that feel(all too often)

2005-07-27 12:39:28 ET

it is a bad feeling. i don't like it. i just wanna be cuddled and held by someone who really cares for me. "merh" :) i know. i am such a sad emo boy. GOD. it's ok, emo boy's don't get girlfriends anyways. thanks eva. i am in a slump and i needed to hear that.

2005-07-29 09:18:19 ET

*hugs you too* i hate feeling like that! i hope you find a great new girl soon.. a cutie like you shouldn't be alone and miserable!

2005-07-29 13:23:58 ET

thanks. i need to hear i am cute. hehe :)i will find someone to complete me soon. i hope. for now i need to get a job and play music. i need to hold my head high and be the best Lenny i can be.

2005-08-01 08:27:16 ET

exactly! go lenny go!

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