2006-11-17 08:30:42 ET
So I am back on line.. Dial up .. but it’s something.

Um. What has happened in the last few weeks…. My parents came and visited. Helped a lot with little items we needed for our house. We had plumbing adventures. Oh and I angered the Tupperware gods and they have responded by hiding lids from me.

So I still am not a happy camper in Tennessee but well, there’s not much to do about it. David has been accepted to APU and starts in January. He has started painting again and is even coming up with new ideas for artistic creations… something he stopped doing shortly after he proposed. He mistakenly thought that he had to stop doing art and get a real job to provide for me . A year later and he’s back to being the man I fell in love with. So I can endure this other world for a little while in order for him to be alive again.

So uh, yeah a whole year I will be married on Sunday. I am stuck on what to get him for a present I have today to either shop or make him something.

 where am I ?    2006-10-20 10:02:46 ET
scince i moved into the new house I have been without internet. I am still not working ... why won't someone hire me?... So we are waiting until I have a job before we sign up for things like internet, cable and house phone. eventually we shall be once more in contact to the world.

Life for me is ok. I am still adjusting to the world around me. I have pictures and a silly movie we made to show off our house that I want to show but I am writting from my inlaw's and all my pictures are on my computer.

If you want to talk to me during this lack of internet time talk to Rivetangel. she has my number and can call me with yours.. uh since I didn't ask april if this was ok before writting it, I am saying thanks to her for suffering my spontaneous note.
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 I have a house.    2006-09-22 05:54:14 ET
I met a frustrating day with the dog collars. I cannot do well with my machine. I have to ride the foot on the hardware to get the stiches close enough. This does not lend to the lines staying very straight. So I swollowed my pride and called the guy I am sewing for and thanked him for allowing me to try but my machine was not cutting it. His responce suprised me.

instead of saying ok, he said.. well, do you want to come to my house and work on my machine until you can get an industrial?

He explained that he and his wife really thought I was a good fit in thier company. they are behind with their product and so rather than loose me he's going to pay me 10 an hour to sew in his shop and cut fabric and such.

He likes me.

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