Going Goth    2003-11-12 19:50:29 ET
I use to lead a small group. It was nothing formal. About seven girls ages 11 to 14 would hang out at my house. My house was safe place for them to be, and I was someone to bounce ideas and frustrations off of. The group desolved now that I live ten hours away. I just recieved an email from one.
I was in tahoe last week and got to hang out with two of them for a bit. They told me about their holloweem adventures. The older of the two, Gabi, informed me during this visit that She, in all her Gap Model glory, has decided to go Goth. She spent the next hour asking fashion advice.
The email I recieved from her was a reminder to send her the tights I promised. It seems that her decision is longer lived than I expected. I miss her and the others more than I realized. *sigh* Gotta go buy tights.

 I hate ants    2003-11-11 16:16:13 ET
I have sat down to join a world of journaling. The Dr. pepper I opened ten minutes ago sat faitfully beside me as I worked on opening my page. just seconds ago I lifted my happy soda to my mouth and almost took in a mouthful of ants..... Now I have to go in the kitchen for a bottle of raid and another can of Dr. Pepper.
So in sharing my unfortunate experiece. I say hello to all who can now hear my thoughts.

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