I never know what to say when confronted with an answering machine.    2003-12-01 17:08:37 ET
Sometimes it is hard to remain religious when certian people are not incinerated by bolts of lightning.

 Why I love my family only when they are far away.    2003-11-29 20:27:52 ET
I've been lactose intolerant most of my life. My mother had to feed me soy formula, in the late seventies when that wasn't the IN thing to feed your baby. The following conversation took place last night...
Me: You ordered Pizza?
Mom: Yes, You like pepperonni?
Me: I don't eat pizza.
Mom: Well that's all there is.
Me: Mom I am lactose intolerant
Mom: oh, then peel the cheese of the pizza and later you can have some cheese cake.
Me: *blink, blink*


 Pondering over pies    2003-11-26 18:46:48 ET
My mixing bowls, my grandma used during the great depression. The rolling pin I have; I am the fourth generation to use.
I think of all of the arguing and fighting against what a very old fashioned family has tried to make me.
I am responcible for the family cooking hierlooms.
I am what they wanted me to be. Well almost. They lost on the dressing in pink battle.

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