Is this the definition of futility    2003-11-24 18:12:55 ET
Registration fees were due the 21st of this month. I am paying for school through financial aid, which doesnít get disbursed until a week before the next semester starts... in January. If I donít pay this month, I donít get to register for classes. So in order for me to be able to register on the 15th on December I had to pay $33 as a promise that they would get my registration money in January. It is the schoolís policy to not give out money before the first week of school. I understand this. But WHY THE HELL would they ask for registration money two months before they give me the loan money thatís suppose to pay for it? So I can pay another $33 that goes to nothing but the silly piece of paper that says I can register?


 Darn it all to heck!    2003-11-21 17:19:09 ET
I was waiting for my sister to call me back about the pies. When the phone rang my caller ID announced that it was not my sister; it was the one who hasn't called in almost two weeks. I am a silly girl and that sucks. It sucks even more that all he has to do is call and tell me he misses me and I pull out the picture of him I had thrown behind my desk.

 the confusion sets in    2003-11-19 16:12:53 ET
Today at school this guy was standing on the steps of the main student hall. He was holding a large sign and yelling to the crowds of people walking by. No, he was not religious in nature. He called himself "The Market Maniac". His rant was of how well he understood the stock market and how he could help you become "filthy rich".


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