2003-11-17 20:44:15 ET
Little bits of me kept falling off. I think itís from the cold. How can I write an essay if I canít keep my fingers from falling off every time I try to type? I try and sit still but even the shivering causes more of me to disintegrate. If I move slowly maybe I can make it to the kitchen.
Something warm may just save me.
Movements are slow, if I could just stop shivering! I wind my way through my messy bedroom and into the hallway. Almost there and I havenít lost anything. Oops, there went my big toe.
No overconfidence, stay focused.
Through the living room. Itís clean now so no obstacles there. Around another cornerÖ I made it. Still moving slowly I fill the coffee pot.
My last hope of survival. Minutes tick by as I wait for the yummy liquid to pour into the little class pot. Enough of my hand is still attached that I can pour myself a cup. Add a bit of sugar. Ahhhhhh. The warmness runs through me. Suddenly all of me is back together. Yeah!!!
Coffee has saved the day. Now back to that stupid essay.


 umm    2003-11-15 19:35:16 ET
So what do you do when every cd you put on, you turn off three seconds later out of irritation? My room needs cleaning, my attempt made the mess worse. I have to write an essay but for the moment I can't seem to care enough about realism to write an argument against it. I can't just go to sleep because I have to go to work again at midnight.

Oh and be careful about carring things like tubes of super glue in your back pocket. If the lid lossens you will you will glue the pocket shut (not to mention your pants to your underware).

 Ode to a can of spray paint    2003-11-13 20:13:18 ET
Just when I think my day cannot get any worse. I find myself painting the clean up area at work. My choice. Flat black and mettalic copper. There are days when a can of spray paint can cure a world of evils.

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