The email I recieved today.
2003-12-02 22:13:37 ET

"E-mail me if you get bored" she said. The thing that
she didn't know of was Jeff's night time disease. Much
like "Sundowners disease" or Insomnia, his disease
begins creeping in slowly around 7:00 P.M. pacific
time and is in full effect by 9:00 P.M. The disease is
known as E.N.B. or Extreme Night Boredom. There are
far fewer sufferers than people who claim to have the
disease (most of these are mistaken by the fact that
they simply get bored at night), but alas Jeff's was a
proven, incurable case. Of course there are temporary
alieveations, for example; sitting at the airport with
a beautiful woman, or playing Nintendo while listening
to Five Iron Frenzy. But just because a person doesn't
FEEL bored doesn't mean they're not actually bored.The
quandry: how might one know if they're bored or not?
Now for a limited time you can get true results with
the All-New Boredom tester from E.P.T. for only
$19.95. Just use the included syringe to take a few
ounces of blood, put it on the paper strip and within
HOURS you can find out how bored you really are. If
the strip stays white CONGRADULATIONS you're not
bored! If it turns red you may be getting bored. If
the strip turns red then slowly turns a dirty brown
color you may be suffering from E.N.B. and should
consult a physician emediately. If the strip turns
blue, you purchaced the wrong test, but
congradulations anyway, you're pregnant!

2003-12-02 23:06:35 ET

how could anybody be bored at night when sleep is sooo entertaining. I could spend all day sleeping if I didn't have anything to do(no sarcasm).

2003-12-03 02:31:55 ET

I'd break the test.
I'm so not bored right now.

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