Company Christmas Party
2003-12-17 20:02:05 ET

It took a lot of coxing but my co-workers got me to the point where I thought… what the hell, I’ll go.

Four people asked my boss if I was her date. My boss is “you can’t miss her large belly” pregnant. She rambles on about the father of the child to anyone who is foolish enough to let her talk. I am new with the company. I don’t know any other people than the ones I see in my little scenic shop. So part of me is not at all surprised that these people have a hard time fitting me into the happy corporate hell I call work. But I can’t get over them thinking I was her girlfriend.

Forced social events are evil. It’s nothing but a bunch of stupid people getting drunk and repeatedly asking your name.

2003-12-17 20:09:53 ET

Whats your name again?

2003-12-17 20:10:16 ET

What's your name again?</drunk></stupid>

2003-12-17 20:10:31 ET

damn you beat me to it!
as they say "grape vines stink alike"

2003-12-17 20:12:15 ET

thank you both for making me laugh.

2003-12-17 20:17:22 ET

i skipped my company's christmas party to avoid the drunkenness and lack of entertainment, but everyone knows my name. also, i skipped it because i'm a temp and i can only go if invited by a full-time employee. which didn't happen.

2003-12-17 20:18:48 ET

I should have skipped mine.. ohwell. at least the total hours I will never get back is only 2

2003-12-17 20:19:32 ET



2003-12-18 04:35:42 ET

I think I'm going to force you to watch LOTR ROTK next week ; )

2003-12-18 17:22:58 ET

Andy, you have the best threats.

2003-12-18 17:28:10 ET

oh, my friend luke is coming out here for christmas break. we're gonna go over to the keyboardist's place on friday and lay down some tracks. nothing from the band, just tracks of whatever we come up with that day. but we'll use it as a demo to get the other band shows. cuz we cheat like that.

this could have been pm'd, but i don't care.

2003-12-18 17:29:42 ET

Friday as in tomarrow?

2003-12-18 17:31:38 ET

no, next week. no way we could set things up that quickly.

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