Saturday the fourth
2004-01-03 21:20:22 ET

I worked 12 hours today. We have three large sets due by monday. SO I get to work tomarrow too. Blegh. At least there is s good radio station. My job is not always easy, but having a radio station that plays Minestry, Bjork, violent femmes and David Bowie all in a row makes twelve hours not so bad. My day was finished up frosting a huge five foot birthday cake with this plaster paint crap I can't get off my arms.
I got a gift card for borders so after work I wandered around a stared at lovely books. I bought a music theory book.
Finnally home I realized that my roomate is gone for a week. I find it somewhat silly that I forgot seeing that I woke before the butt crack of dawn today to drive her and her daughter to the airport. Arriving home reminded me she was gone becasue she left the living room, kitchen, and bathroom barried in her mess. So now I get to clean up after her beacuse a week in this mess will cause mental break down... But I get a week with the house to myself.

2004-01-03 21:23:50 ET

house to yourself is always a good scene.. and that radio station sounds supremely awesome.

2004-01-03 21:26:01 ET

It is not loved by all I work with. It offended one of my co- workers to learn that there was a band named the dead kennedys

2004-01-03 21:27:04 ET


Gotta love people like that.

2004-01-03 21:29:09 ET

Yes you do.
Most of the time people irritate me, so their irritation amuses me

2004-01-03 22:31:38 ET

i've never understood the need for music theory. it seems to me it would confine music more than help it. and the few music majors i know agree.

2004-01-03 22:43:59 ET

Wow, just since the past 5 days to today I've been so crazy about music theory, I'm really amused. Well since 5 months ago that I started taking a course on music theory, to understand it more when playing it, and I've been so damn interested in Harmnoy. Even though I only had this classes on weekends, I'm always asking questions to my teacher on chords and such related to harmony, yet lately Ive been more interested that I've browsed several web pages about it and finally found a good one, now I'm learning a lot more. Damn, I whish I could also find a book of it. I asked my teacher for books, he said he will try to look up, meanwhile I'll contonue learning from web pages and taking the next semester course on music theory.

2004-01-04 10:17:29 ET

i used to be able to listen to the radio/cds while i worked but now i'm not allowed to because when we got a new first assistant he said it wasn't music that was approved by the corporation...

it used to make the work day go a little easier for me.

2004-01-05 21:36:35 ET

Ben.. Music theory is not confining when it merely gives you a formula on how cords work and scales and such. It is just an attempt at making me a better sight reader. plus I am not good at changing key. I understand the argument against music theory. It could be confining... if you played by the rules all the time..

Malkavian... What web pages?

Furax... Corporations are evil! sorry

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