Brother in law to be
2004-01-10 20:07:55 ET

My sister is getting married. Her fiancé is perfect for her. He likes the idea of marrying into a big family. This is good. My Family is the type who is into everyone’s business and I get called by everyone at least twice a week. So Troy is working hard and stepping into a brother role with the rest of us. It’s a little weird for me to have someone else asking me about my love life and why I haven’t found anyone yet. My new years trip to Arizona has my family twitching nervously and Troy has jumped on the bandwagon. He wants to be the protective big brother. So I received this email from him asking me about how I am doing and how are things with my “friend”, and crap. I don’t know how to respond.

2004-01-10 20:54:23 ET

so, are you being harrassed by big bro?

2004-01-10 20:55:31 ET

Not harrassed, just concerned about too much

2004-01-10 20:59:12 ET

I hate the feeling when people make a problem out of something you don't find a problem just because they don't like it for themself.

2004-01-10 21:02:20 ET

Taht's my entire family. I am the "black sheep". Stuff gets blown out of proportion all the time.

2004-01-10 21:04:54 ET

black sheep of the world unite!

2004-01-10 21:07:12 ET

only if there are no meetings

2004-01-10 21:11:22 ET

That sounds like my big sister!

2004-01-10 21:14:31 ET

I know he means well, I just don't know how to sa back off

2004-01-10 21:17:45 ET

I can't say it to my sister either. I don't know if this will work for you, but I just change the convesation back to my sister and then after chatting a bit I say I have to go.

2004-01-10 21:18:43 ET

Yeah all I do is ask about the wedding plans and that seems to free me.

2004-01-11 22:08:40 ET

blah, tell him things are fine and appease him for the minute :-P

2004-01-11 22:27:09 ET

Appeasing does not work.

2004-01-11 22:28:20 ET

the only option now is brute force.

2004-01-11 23:15:52 ET

i'll brute force you! ;-P

my whole family are black sheep... so, i don't think i'd really have to deal with anyhting like that much...

2004-01-11 23:16:58 ET

I want a family like that.

2004-01-11 23:18:27 ET

my family also isn't very large... most of my family is my immediate family.

2004-01-11 23:19:14 ET

Ah. that's part of my problem. My immediate family includes aunts uncles grandparents and cousins

2004-01-11 23:21:04 ET

there are about 30 or so people in my family and 8 of them are living in this house :-P

2004-01-11 23:24:21 ET

yeah! noisey house!

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