school books
2004-01-13 19:35:33 ET

The tally of books I have to buy for this semester is 8 text books, 5 plays. Plus there are ten other tittles that are suggested reading for my classes.
Does anyone else have to buy a new book shelf just to hold this semester's books?

2004-01-13 19:36:09 ET

It's called the floor....the largest horizontal shelf ever created

2004-01-13 19:37:42 ET

oh man, i remember taking an english and 3 literature classes in one semester... talk about a lot of books! yeesh!

2004-01-13 19:39:46 ET

yeah, i just threw my books under my couch or my bed. not like i ever used em anyway.

2004-01-13 19:44:10 ET

I have been assured today that I will be reading all mine. Plus they threw in chapters of the "not required reading" just to show where suplemental reading might help.

2004-01-13 19:44:53 ET

never get the supplimental reading! ;-P

2004-01-13 19:48:48 ET

one of my classes is on dress and decor from ancient civilization through the nineteenth century. the amount of crap that I am going to be expected to regurgitate, I think I will have to get all the books for them.

2004-01-14 21:38:23 ET

I used to have piles on the floor, and whatever I was reading at the time would be closest to my bed. it's a good system.

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