I went to a baby shower
2004-02-09 19:20:22 ET

Why is it that when saying the most horrible things about people, simply adding the phrase "bless their heart" to the end, makes it all better?

*Accual Quote* "He is the ugliest guy I have seen in a while, bless his heart."

2004-02-09 19:46:14 ET

Um.....cause it's kinda a statement saying if his heart wasn't so great that the ugliness would jump right out and eat people?

"Bless their heart"...I thought only hardcore Christians and Uptight mothers said that stuff.

2004-02-09 19:48:39 ET

was that said about the baby?


I apologize right now :P

2004-02-09 19:52:17 ET

wtf? that's like saying "...but i mean that in the nicest way possible" or "...but i was only kidding"

2004-02-09 19:56:19 ET

The lady who said it was an accountant. They were talking about some the CFO who had just left the company.

It brought to mind that I have accually heard alot of people say things like that lately and I find it amusing and disturbing

2004-02-09 19:56:32 ET

It just seems like a way to pad the truth :/

2004-02-09 19:58:34 ET

holy crap! you're one ugly sonofabitch! hahaha ... just kidding. you are an ass though... but i mean that in the nicest way! retard, bless your little heart.


2004-02-09 19:59:32 ET

Why must we pad truth? Truth is a useful weapon. If we make it blunt, we put the person in a coma, not out of their misery.

2004-02-09 20:01:19 ET

i think it's just rude/sarcastic to pad things with those tag on phrases...

2004-02-09 20:02:26 ET


2004-02-09 20:03:39 ET

I'll agree to that. people probably shouldn't say something serious that they'd have to pad.

2004-02-09 20:07:46 ET

I always add on "But I mean that in the nicest way possible."
I think that makes it all better.

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