stupid afternoon
2004-02-28 13:30:49 ET

So I am making flags. They are lage peices of material connected to sticks that I dance with. I have made quite few in my day. These new ones just aren't being friendly. The material slips out of the machine quite easily and my neice just broke one of the sticks. I need to get these done today but the obstacles are making me rather apathectic and I cannot keep focused on finishing them.

My landlord has just informed me that we cannot keep our pets. I am dreading telling Sara (My roomate) She loves her rat. My turtles are, as far as he knows, an extended babysitting situation. I have to find a new home for them.

2004-02-28 13:33:12 ET

I could understand the pet thing if you had dogs and maybe cats, but you can't even have rats or turtles?!?! they are in their cages most of the time anyways.... That sucks for you, hope you can find them all a good home !

2004-02-28 13:44:46 ET

can't you just deceive your landlord? what she doesn't know won't hurt her:P my roommates did stuff like that all the time.

2004-02-28 14:00:29 ET

I live in a duplex. My Landlord lives in the other half. There is no decieving.

oh and update on my crappy afternoon... A bottle of bubbles was spilt on my phone. It's dead. While buying my neice Kyla an Iceream just a few moments ago, I got yelled at by a lady because Kyla was caughing and I was so focused on getting out of the stupid place without freaking out that I managed to throw away a five dollar bill as I left the store.

2004-02-28 17:33:41 ET

The heck is the problem with rats and turtles? Is it legal for landlords to kick out caged pets? And they're easily hideable, too. Is the landlord worried the rat's going to get out and chew on the wiring?

2004-03-01 09:47:56 ET

In my lease it states no pets. He was talking about cats and Dogs he admits but he doesn't want to have any grey areas, so no pets mean not even a pet rock.. :( know anyone who wants turtles?

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