the unexplainable
2004-07-05 14:08:18 ET

There is something about 80's music that makes it so perfect for house cleaning.

2004-07-05 14:32:36 ET

I find that grrrrr music helps me work so I listen to industrial. Sometimes some really good rock n' roll.

2004-07-05 14:35:29 ET

industrial and the like get me through homework. That helps me focus. I need to have something silly and fun when I clean.

2004-07-05 14:59:41 ET

hehe I don't know any industrial. I guess that doesnt make me very cool...but 80's music is just so...uppidty

2004-07-05 15:03:22 ET

When I worked at a coffee house and was closing thestore at night I usually blasted punk music really loud. Bloodhound Gang was also good.

2004-07-05 15:03:33 ET

Oddstar? What kind of music do you like?

2004-07-05 15:04:53 ET

heh,er...indie...hardcore...emo...scene stuff i guess

2004-07-05 15:05:50 ET

I am not one who thinks you must listen to a certian kind of music to be cool. what ever makes you happy.

2004-07-05 15:06:37 ET

lol I was kidding about the cool thing but thanks<3

2004-07-05 15:50:42 ET

I agree. Actually listening to too much industrial could destroy your self image. lol.

2004-07-06 14:31:17 ET

hehe how so?

2004-07-06 15:33:05 ET

Well, I do understand that music affects each person differently. By my own experience, too much industrial music can suck a person in and create this false sense of lifestyle. And a lot of it is about an angry positive message--huh???? Angry yet positive? I don't trust anything that contradicts itself in meaning.

2004-07-06 15:33:36 ET

hmm..well I'll just stick with my scene stuff haha

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