2007-01-05 04:16:42 ET

This is not as new years thing.. it's accually something I have been working on for years.. anyway I have a list of things I want to do and learn. I put the list down for a while, let other things distract me. Well last week I picked up my list. Rewrote it a bit and have begun to work on it.
Elements of the list I am not sure will ever happen now that I am married and have another less adventurous being to contend with. Packing up and moving to other countries will be negotiated once he finishes school. right now he looks at me funny when I tell him that I want to live in Ireland for a while.
So I am practicing French at my computer and looking for a place in Tennessee to rock climb.

2007-01-05 05:20:10 ET

hmmm...this is why marriage kinda frightens me sometimes...i used to want it ardently...recent years have made me rethink this. i suppose you're happy with it though..? so that's good.

then again, afew years back i would have never considered living anywhere but the us and now i would absolutely love to move to a place like ireland or germany at some point.

give it time and who knows what'll happen...

2007-01-05 16:47:56 ET

Good luck with the move to Europe. I want to go there eventually. How do you plan to make the move? It's a bit tought to find work unless you are a nanny or some kind of specialist.

2007-01-08 10:32:05 ET

I have experience as a nanny and I have a specialized degree in lighting. My husband kinda wants to go back to the boarding school he went to, to teach art someday, so maybe I will end up in the philippeans.

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