2007-01-09 07:19:02 ET

SO yesterday I got offered a job that I wasn't really sure if I was to be flattered or not.

A guy who works in the front office commented that he makes movies. Needs an actress who can tour in character and sign autographs. I would be a Superhero by the name of Thong girl. Shoots lazer beams from her ass.

I was asked because I am 5'8" and Blonde.

sorry I don't act.

Also, the imagineer my husband works for, wants to know if I can design a jellyfish lamp... hmmm. that sounds more like something I can do.

2007-01-09 08:22:08 ET

you must be joking about thong girl....
thats such an awful concept XD

2007-01-09 09:07:37 ET

wouldn't the thong prevent the lazer beams from being able to shoot out of your ass?

2007-01-09 11:32:34 ET

I really only wish I was joking.

2007-01-09 19:34:48 ET

LOL thats awesome.

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