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2007-02-04 20:05:26 ET

So in reading some in Ecclesiastes this week, I ran across a reference to the unlucky nation vs the lucky nation.
the scripture basically says lucky is the nations whose King is mature and whose princes do not stay up and party all night. Unlucky is the nation who the reverse it true....

This made me think of our happy little country of USA. Recent Government policies made and ignored, articles in national magazines showing pictures of an empty presidential pulpit. Focus on the faults of government officials and nothing else makes me really think that our political leaders are not this countries leaders. If they do something to piss us off we let them know. If they are doing well we ignore them.

standing in the grocery store line I notice that media and entertainment have our attention .. Too many people make sure not to miss certain tv shows, discussions over who was wearing what. It is my opinion that we care too much about what Movie, rock and sport stars do in their life. AS a country we try to be like the rich and famous. I feel unfortunately we are the unlucky nation Solomon describes.

2007-02-04 23:15:23 ET

i read in a book recently that the author figures the devil loves to get lots of people caring about pointless stuff. our country almost only cares about pointless stuff. i think i'll live here for about another decade or so and then move to germany or something. d-: the club i work for keeps talking about opening up a spot in frankfurt, anyway.

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