2007-02-27 15:22:09 ET

I am not working very much right now. Little odd jobs and research for my boss. Mostly we are working on the house. I am painting a lighting fixture to go in my stone room. Yep we painted the walls in our sitting room to look like stone. So I am painting a lighting fixture with stain glass paint to make the room feel castleish.

That is all I have to say

2007-02-27 16:09:07 ET

fun times

2007-02-28 08:02:09 ET

Mostly. except when I spend the whole day at home I feel like I am constantly avoiding doing the dishes. Why do I always have dishes to do?

2007-02-28 18:32:27 ET

thats why i fully support disposable plastic dishes/utensils

2007-03-02 07:13:08 ET

well, I try to be a little more nicer to than environment than that. So I suppose I am stuck with dishes

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