all alone
2007-03-12 13:52:56 ET

Husband Left last friday on a business trip. For the year and four months we've been married. This is the first time we've been apart. For the last two months we were practically together 24 hours a day. My house feels really empty and I don't sleep all that well alone.

distraction comes quickly as I am preparing to run off to phoenix for the USITT conference. I will be there for six days and then endure only one more night before he comes home.

11 days is a long time to me. I cannot imagine how military wives do it.

2007-03-12 17:39:36 ET


on an unrelated note, USITT is quite possibly the greatest acronym ever. especially for a conferance which i would imagine involves lots of sitting.

2007-03-13 04:19:11 ET

United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc.

It's the standard for all theatre nationwide. It does require a lot of sitting. and according to another friend, also a lot of drinking

2007-03-13 04:23:39 ET

im all for sitting and drinking. its just the standing up after too much sitting and drinking that can sometimes be a bit awkward ;-P

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