2007-08-05 17:08:26 ET

I still exist, if anyone wondered. i think I needed to hide for a while. I am currently in CA Visiting the world I use to know. I just finished a week of running a summer camp for teens and I am sick but happy and all the silly depression I was fighting due to my jobless state has gone away for now. oh and I have acuired a new nickname: Thursday. there are about 200 highschool and JR high kids who know me affectanatly as thus and I think I kinda like the name. But Am i too old to get a new nickname?

a friend suggested I sell mary Kay... would conservative people buy makeup from someone with purple hair?

Our Vacation ends on tuesday and I fly back to nashville to resume job hunting and figuring out if Tennessee is where we are really suppose to be. As it is Auguast and it is a year since we hauled our life across country, negotiations have reopened and perhaps all we needed to do in the shiny buckle of the bible belt is done and over. there is no quick pick up and move at this point we have a house to finish fixing before we can sell it.

My husband is content in returning to our unsettled life and attempting to make it work. I will only go along with it if he can go to school, if not... I think my vote will be somewhere near the ocean again. I miss the ocean.

2007-08-05 18:06:53 ET

"would conservative people buy makeup from someone with purple hair?"

if it was my mom she would because your mascara worked so well it darkened your hair too!

2007-08-05 19:34:21 ET

woah wait where in california are you?? i would so love to hangout with you! if you're anywhere in socal, call or text me - 760-614-0145

2007-08-05 21:28:32 ET

I am in San Diego

2007-08-05 22:11:52 ET

fah! san diego is far inferior to l.a.! heh. well maybe something will work out (:

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