it's friday night
2007-08-24 12:55:14 ET

I am having Pizza night with The youth from my church. I am awaiting excited teens to bounce through my door and loose thier creativity on the pizza dough I have prepared.
and I am not sure I mentioned before but Dave and I have been asked to be the youth leaders for our church. We currently have a tiny group that is all home schooled. This being in the shiny buckle of the bible belt, one of our kids is encouraged by his family to shun all evil. (most movies, by the way, are evil. I didn't know that before, but now I am enlightened?) So Dave and I have racked our brains about what sort of entertainment to show while feeding them pizza. I think we are going with Invader Zim Cartoons. There shouldn't be anything evil there.

2007-08-24 15:31:31 ET

oh a former home schooled kid i shudder to remember some of the horrible fundamentalist ideas that were used to brainwash so many of my peers >_<

also, as if further proving to myself how out of it i am lately, i first read that second sentence as "i am awaiting excited teens to bounce through my door and lose their virginity on the pizza dough i have prepared."


2007-08-25 12:02:46 ET

that is a frightening picture in my head. why did you do that to me? *whimpers*

2007-08-25 16:03:43 ET

hahaha sorry ;-P

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