xaikayla never sleeps
2008-01-14 07:44:29 ET

Every three days I move. Gas prices being what they are, our house is too far a commute to afford and still pay all bills. Fortunately our friends have loaned us an unused apartment to live in on the weekends when both my husband and I are working normal jobs and church stuff. So I move between places just about every three days. I have internet only on Mondays due to the fact that I am home and it is my only day off each week. So that's why there has been no update for a long time.

my apartment, although a blessing because it is free and closer to work and church, has a space heater for heat and no furniture. We use a card table for a kitchen table, and a mattress sits on the floor in the bedroom.

It has been a good thing for our friends who live above us. They are new to Nashville, parenting and fixer uppers. Dave and I have had our share of construction experience (in fact I am helping her tile her bathroom Wednesday) and understand the culture shock of California to Tennessee. I feel somewhat better that my frustrating situation benefits someone else. It could be pain and misery with no purpose at all.

This temporary situation was suppose to be only till the end of the year. Now I don't know when we will be able to actually finish our house and sell it so that we can find a house closer to where our lives are.

I am pretty sure we are here in tennessee to help this church we are apart of. We are the youth leaders, we run the audio and visual stuff sunday mornings. I do the secretarial work (accounting, followup, newsletter, officey stuff). It really is the only reason we stay.

I suppose I could be content with life if I had one house, instead of two.

oh, and I took up knitting

2008-01-15 05:16:24 ET

woo. where are your cali friends from? i've been missing l.a. a lot lately.

i tend to avoid churches nowadays, but perhaps if i ever find myself in nashville for some weird reason i will visit yours.

2008-01-16 10:01:40 ET

Well if you ever end up in nashville I hope you would visit me.

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