2008-02-06 14:49:08 ET

It may be the weather. It may be the upheaval of remodeling a house I don't plan to enjoy. It may be that lately every step I take forward in life has been followed by several steps back. I may be that people are stupid and I need to stop expecting better.

I am soo irritated at every little thing. I am going to go make myself a pot of tea and try to calm down.

Does anyone out there live in the Nashville area? I want somewhere to be besides obligation and schedule.

oh and I lived through my first tornado storm. It's really kinda surreal when you can't tell the wind from the warning sirens.

2008-02-06 18:57:45 ET

You should go hang out at Cafe Coco... Or, if it's a Sunday, check out the Salvation night...

2008-02-07 05:57:51 ET

i'm pretty sure you couldn't pay me to live in the nashville area ;-P

sowwy <3

2008-02-08 06:00:57 ET

It is for a certain type of people. I think I am failing at being that type of person. I am giving it a good effort. i miss the west coast. Seattle was our second choice when we moved from San Diego. It may be my first choice when we leave Nashville. whenever that may be.

2008-02-08 06:03:21 ET

heh i better be within 3 years cause that is the absolute longest i think i'll be staying here before moving back to los angeles.

2008-02-08 07:01:22 ET

I hope I'm not here for another three years! This has been the longest year and a half in my life already!

2008-02-08 07:03:19 ET

yeah i'm kind of hoping i can magically get this music scene where i want it to be in a year and somehow come up with the $500 grand i need to afford the place i want to buy in los angeles but er...we'll see d-:

2008-02-08 18:25:13 ET

I would suggest going to I used to be big in the goth scene down there and there are some great people there. I don't know how much you identify with goth, but they're some good people.

2008-02-09 18:37:12 ET

Thanks for the suggestion Rhiannon. I will.

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